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February 15, 2024

5 Details to Look for in Our Boutique Hotel

It’s the little things that make your stay extraordinary. At Hotel EMC2, every detail of your stay has been curated to achieve your ultimate comfort and a unique experience for your trip to Chicago. At the intersection of art and science, you’re bound to be inspired and entertained by every nook and cranny. If you’re planning on making a visit to the city soon, don’t miss out on these bespoke details ingrained in our hotel experience.

Real books

You can pick up a new book for a little light reading before bed or while you’re waiting for your group to come to the lobby. While the wall of books in the Albert (our in-house restaurant) is beautiful to look at, each of the books was hand-selected and contains real stories and information on their pages. The authentic vintage books are also hidden in the stairs heading up to the Archive lounge and in other areas of the hotels, just begging to be opened and explored.

Leo and Cleo

One of our not-so-well-kept secrets is our robot serving duo. Leo and Cleo are fan favorites, ready to impress everyone who walks through the doors. Visitors can order room service and have treats delivered straight to their door, thanks to the high-tech deliverers. One of their favorite tricks is performing their signature happy dance once the items have been retrieved before bustling away to delight another guest with their charms.

Bathrobes in the closet

Comfort is one of our top priorities for all of our guests. That’s why we provide a plush robe in each room, ready and waiting for your arrival. Simply visit your closet to find our custom robes, perfect for photos or lounging after a busy day in the city. Living in the lap of luxury is sweet when you have a branded robe to don as you view the city from up above and drink sparkling cocktails delivered through room service.

RGB Elevators

A little-known fact about our elevators is that there is a method to the madness. Each of the three elevators is themed with a color; red, green, and blue. This is because these are the colors that the cones in our eyes use to perceive everything around us. They are the foundation of our world, and so we decided to honor them with their respective elevators. What better place than an art and science-themed hotel to display their magnificence? Try to ride in all three during your stay, and enjoy the beauty that will surround you as you rise to the top floors.

Drawings coming to life

As you wait for your themed elevator ride, don’t forget to turn around to see the screens that show you some of Hotel EMC2’s behind-the-scenes artwork. Watch an artist create imaginative doodles that you might recognize hanging on the walls of the hotel. There’s no better way to pass the time while you wait for the elevator than getting a peak behind the curtain at what makes our boutique hotel so unique and beautiful.

It’s all in the details

Through meticulous planning and designing, we have created an atmosphere perfect for any trip to Chicago. More than just a room, our hotel provides an experience every step of your stay, adding another dimension to your trip to the Windy City. If you’re looking for a hotel exactly like nothing else, click here to book a room or learn more!

Hotel EMC2, Autograph Collection
228 East Ontario Street
Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: (312) 915-0000
Reservations: (844) 205-3939
Email: Info@HotelEMC2.com
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