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Event Venues

Emmy Noether

812 sq. ft.

Host your next event in our inspired event space, located on the 2nd floor overlooking the Albert. This space pays homage to Emmy Noether, a German mathematician and professor in the early 1900s, who laid the groundwork for Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Emmy Noether Room for Private Events


988 sq. ft.

Symmetry, the guiding principle behind Emmy Noether’s Theorem, provides direction for conservation theory in physics, math, the arts, and nature. Our Symmetry Room, facing Ontario Street and attached to our outdoor terrace, is the perfect setting for a private or corporate event.

Symmetry Room Private Event Venue


690 sq. ft.

Our outdoor space overlooks Ontario Street and puts the beautiful ambiance in the heart of Streeterville on full display.

Terrace at Hotel EMC2

Archive Lounge

1100 sq. ft.

An open space for a breakout or reception on our 2nd floor, with easy access to the Emmy Noether Room.

theAlbert Lounge

The Albert

1300 sq. ft.

Reserve the inspired restaurant space, with floor to ceiling windows, curious cabinets, original artwork and over 12,000 books.

the Albert

Chef's Table

300 sq. ft.

Take part in the action of the intimate flurry of Chef Chiapetti’s kitchen operation for your gathering.

Chef's Table
Venuesq. ftHollow SquareConferenceU-Shape
Emmy Noether812302421
Archive Lounge1100---
The Albert1300---
Chefs Table300---
Venue Capacity Chart
Emmy Noether27486060
Archive Lounge---50
The Albert-80-110
Chefs Table----