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August 15, 2023

5 Water-Related Activities to Enjoy During the Summer in Chicago

Located right on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is a city full of opportunities to dip your feet and cool off in the water during the summertime. The iconic Chicago River that runs through the heart of the city brings fresh life throughout the local walkways, providing even more water-related activities. When the summer sun beats down and you need a break from the hot pavement, there are plenty of different ways to enjoy the pristine coasts, whether you want to play in the waves or admire their beauty. Here are 5 water-related activities to enjoy during the summer in Chicago.

Go on a boat cruise

Chicago is known for its exemplary boat cruises. Lining the coast of the city or ferrying along the Chicago River, these boat tours are a great, unique way to experience the city. There are a plethora of options to choose from, ranging from romantic sunset cruises to architecture tours to buffet and dinner cruises. There are even options to ride in a speedboat and get a thrill out of the ride. Sailboat cruises are popular among the history buffs and classical lovers, and still others enjoy booking a front row seat for the Navy Pier Fireworks shows running throughout the summer. You’re sure to find a boat tour or cruise that suits your trips needs in Chicago.

Experience kayaking or paddleboarding

A must-do on any Chicago visit during the summer is a kayak tour down the Chicago River. Several businesses are open during the summer, allowing guests to rent a kayak while they hear about the amazing architecture surrounding the river. Both beginners and seasoned kayakers can enjoy the calm water and learn about the rich history of Chicago. There is even a sunset kayak tour available if you’re interested in the natural beauty surrounding the city. Some kayak rentals are also available for Lake Michigan, so that you can enjoy one of the largest lakes in the world. Paddleboarding is also an option, allowing you to get in the water and refresh yourself from the hot sun. Bring your swimsuits and get up close and personal with the fresh waters that feed the city in your choice of self-commandeered watercraft.

Splash in Crown Fountain

Looking for a quick spritz while you’re walking around the Loop? Crown Fountain is hard to miss, with 50 foot tall faces standing among the skyscrapers. The art installation doubles as a fountain, surprising visitors when the faces begin to spit water every 5 minutes. This splash pad is especially popular among children, who wait eagerly to splash in the rush of water from the giant mouths. Passersby can sit on benches nearby and receive a light mist of water, perfect to cool off on your way to your next Chicago adventure.

Try out wakesurfing on the lake

Active visitors who want to play sports during their visit can enjoy this new attraction on Lake Michigan—wakesurfing. With boats specially designed to make the experience enjoyable, this is an easy to learn water sport that the whole family can enjoy. Surfing behind a boat driven by expert captains while being coached by expert teachers, anyone can learn to wakesurf along an iconic American skyline. Trips out on the water include wetsuits, boards, and instruction, making it easy to make a spontaneous booking and enjoy the water. Surfing Lake Michigan in the cool, fresh water with the hot sun and stunning views will quickly make your outing one to remember.

Lay out on the beach

Chicago is home to numerous impressive sandy beaches throughout the city. Some of the sandy areas are dog friendly, allowing your furry friend to enjoy the waves right alongside you. Some of the local beaches provide volleyball, basketball, or tennis courts nearby, perfect for your entertainment while tanning. It’s not uncommon to find bars and cabanas nearby, ready to serve you with a cold drink or a sweet treat to complete your beach day. You can wrap up your visit with a walk along the Lake Shore Trail as you watch the sun set behind the skyline and listen to the relaxing sounds of the gently crashing waves.

Summer in Chicago is one of a kind

Many people visit Chicago in the summer, whether it’s for the roaring city life or the serene beaches and gorgeous green spaces. It’s no question that when the sun gets hot, it’s a great time to enjoy the water surrounding the city. Whether you’re looking for a family friendly all day activity, or a couples retreat to break up the day, there are options for everyone. Hotel EMC2 is located a short walk from many of the best water-related activities in the city. To book your summer vacation at our boutique hotel, click here.

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