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January 16, 2024

Where to see Chicago’s Best Architecture This Winter

Chicago is a big city full of rich history. There are so many things to do and see, both old and new. Even simply walking the streets can be an enriching experience, as you marvel at the soaring skyscrapers and majestic bridges. With so many buildings to see, there are a multitude of Architecture Tours available for tourists and locals alike. However, if you’re ready to try a self-led architectural tour of the Windy City, it’s important that you consider the best season for each building on your list. We’ve compiled the must-see stops for your adventure, sure to provide the best experience amidst the snow flurries.

The Rookery

With nods to the Art Deco style and more, the Rookery was one of the grandest buildings in the world at its completion in 1885. The elaborate design and intricate details still amaze visitors to this day. The product of multiple famous architects including John Wellborn Root, Daniel Burnham, and Frank Lloyd Wright, this building achieved landmark status in 1972. It stands at 12 stories tall, including marble columns, bronze spiral staircases, and intaglio detailing surrounding the exterior. If you enjoy your visit, you can even reserve the masterpiece for your private events or photoshoots. The interior of this building is stunning to view, making it the perfect stop for your winter travels.

The Former John Hancock Building

Now titled 875 North Michigan Avenue, this skyscraper is one of the most iconic buildings making up the Chicago skyline. The double spires are unmistakable and make for an unforgettable visit. Home to apartments, shops, and restaurants, your trip here can provide entertainment in the warmth of the building for the entire day if you so choose. 100 floors tall and offering a 360 view of Chicago, this is one of the best views of the city you can find no matter the season. One of the most unique experiences in the city also lives here, namely Cloud Bar and Tilt, which hangs you over the edge of the building for a thrill you won’t soon forget.

Bahá’í House of Worship

This temple is located on the outskirts of the city but is well worth the drive. The Renaissance dome and Gothic elements combine several styles of architecture seamlessly. Artistic carvings and carefully curated gardens bring unique elements to each corner of the grounds. While it’s built of concrete, don’t let the material fool you. The Temple of Light and Unity was intricately and thoughtfully constructed to be a pinnacle of beauty in the community. As you take a reprieve from the blustery winds in the pews and gaze up at the carvings, you’ll be able to find peace and connection with the earth. This is also the only Bahá’í temple in the U.S., so you’ll truly have an experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Chicago Cultural Center

Inspired by Venetian landmarks, this building was originally the City’s first public library. Made of limestone and marble, the mosaics make a grand impression on any who visit. The stained glass is of particular note, with the Tiffany Dome being the largest in the world. Now the building is dedicated to being a haven for the arts that Chicagoians can enjoy year-round. Various events are held here, but visitors are always welcome to witness the grandeur of the sculpture-like building.

Beautiful inside and out

Chicago is a city with a plethora of hidden gems. If you’re looking for an activity to enjoy during your snowy trip to Chicago, look no further than the skyscrapers that you’ll be surrounded by. The architecture is stunning, whether you prefer modern marvels or alluring antiques. With sights both inside warm walls and visible to the exterior, as you walk the city, you can enjoy the construction no matter the weather. Hotel EMC2 is in a prime location near many of the top architectural sights of the city. If you’re looking for a hotel that amazes, our art and science themes will be sure to capture your imagination and provide a welcoming shelter from the cold.

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