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December 1, 2023

Exploring Chicago's Museum Scene in Winter: A Guide for Art and Science Enthusiasts

Chicago is a hub of culture and innovation. There is no better time to explore the art and science that the city breathes than in the winter, escaping the cold to feel the warmth of paintings and inventions from all different cultures. With the iconic Museum Campus bringing together many top-tier museums only steps away from each other, you can visit each at your leisure while avoiding the breezy winter air. We’ve gathered a list of some of the best museums in the city that you have to add to your bucket list this winter.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

During all seasons, modern artists flock to one of the world’s largest museums dedicated to contemporary art right in the heart of Chicago. Unlike traditional art museums, exhibits here are all about experimenting and learning in all different media. Artists featured here are both local and world renowned. Here you can explore social issues of our day and join in community conversations about our future. If you’re looking for a new experience you can’t have anywhere else, being surrounded by art you’ve never seen before, this is a museum that will captivate you from entrance to exit.

Museum of Science and Industry

This family favorite museum is popular year-round, but the cold weather brings special exhibits that can only be found in the winter months. “Christmas Around the World” is full of over 50 evergreens decked out in various cultures' decor. With the main tree standing 4 stories tall, you can’t miss this one-of-a-kind exhibit to celebrate the holiday season. There are even holiday events for children and adults alike throughout the whole month of December.Other temporary exhibits include an immersive walk through the city of Pompeii and a look at the use of plastics in the world, both for our advancement and benefit and for our downfall. The museum’s permanent installations are no less exceptional in the windy weather, including tours of a German submarine, a visit to a coal mine shaft, and a hatchery for newborn chicks. Regardless of your science category of choice, there is something for all ages here.

Art Institute of Chicago

Fans of art and culture will no doubt recognize the exterior of this museum, donning bronze lions to greet you as you make your way up the grand stairs to the main doors. In the winter, they often wear wreath necklaces to celebrate the season and welcome you into the warm and cozy museum. No less impressive inside, visitors can view over 300,000 permanent artworks and even more exhibits on rotation. Many of the pieces are iconic and capture hordes of attention, namely artwork which is featured in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, as well as original Van Gough paintings, works by Salvador Dalí, and Thorne Miniatures Rooms. Artwork from all around the world is displayed here, tempting fans of Greek architecture, Japanese watercolors, or 21st century American art alike. Step into an experience you’ll never forget this winter by visiting this colorful attraction.

Field Museum

Chicago is home to many world-class museums. The Chicago Field museum is no exception, with nearly 40 million items on display. The crowning jewel of the museum is Sue, the biggest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex discovered. Dinosaur fans will also be delighted to discover the only Spinosaurus (the world's largest predatory dinosaur) in the Western Hemisphere as you enter the front doors. The museum is also known for its rotating exhibits that capture the imagination and fascination of the human mind. Science fiction enthusiasts and amateur scientists alike can enjoy one of the latest attractions featuring blood suckers from both our world and the imaginary one. With fossilized bugs, taxidermy birds, and scenes from Dracula, everyone is sure to be entertained. History fans can even get in on the fun with a recreation of a bloodletting station with loaded apothecary drawers included in the displays. This is just one of the many creative temporary exhibits visitors can enjoy throughout the interactive museum that will make your visit to Chicago one to remember, even during the cold winter months.

DuSable Museum of African American History

Chicago is home to the oldest independent African American museum in the US. Named after the founder of Chicago from Hati, Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable, this museum is home to more than 15,000 pieces. Dedicated to honoring African American history, the exhibits are both enthralling to view and important to remember. Some of the displays feature work and artifacts from Ida B. Wells, Langston Hughes, and even Chance the Rapper. The rich history of African Americans can be explored here along with enthralling conversations with other patrons and staff. Take a trip to African roots this winter season and stop by this Hyde Park museum to learn more.

The intersection of art and science

Winter is the perfect time to visit Chicago without the crowds while soaking in all the museums that the city has to offer. To make your stay truly on theme, it’s important to choose a hotel that will add to the ambiance of your itinerary. Hotel EMC2 is dedicated to bringing visitors an experience unlike any other. At the intersection of art and science, your stay will be unique and plush, perfect for any art lover or science enthusiast to escape their daily life and become surrounded by wonder.To book a room at our boutique hotel steps away from many of the top attractions in Chicago, click here.

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